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Author Silas M. Johnson’s New Book ‘A Rivers Light in a Barren Tunnel

Recent release "A Rivers Light in a Barren Tunnel... Elegies in Effigy" from Newman Springs Publishing author Silas M. Johnson is a powerful assortment of poetry

Silas M. Johnson, who is currently completing a degree in psychology at Imperial Valley College, has completed his new book “A Rivers Light in a Barren Tunnel… Elegies in Effigy”: a deeply personal collection of poems delivered straight from the author’s heart.


“The power of expression through writing has always captivated me,” shares Johnson. “I can remember journaling as an eight-year-old boy and losing myself in the wonder of words. The literary world served as an escape from an abusive mother’s boyfriend and her complicit indifference. Writing tens of thousands of standard sentences, for the most arbitrary infractions, helped me hone my penmanship. 


“Decades later, at forty-two, I’ve discovered that life is funny that way—that, if we are strong enough, our pain can be transformed into our power. I’ve opted to exercise that power with this offering. Perhaps my greatest aspiration for this work is that it inspires you to find your own voice. The human experience is a wondrous revelation, and I truly believe that our individual stories are what make life worth living.”


Published by Newman Springs Publishing, Silas M. Johnson’s incredible writings speak on the many different emotional states one might find themselves in. Commenting on personal struggles and confronting them head on, Johnson delivers a beautiful testimony to the power of love and hope, and what they can overcome.


Readers who wish to experience this potent work can purchase “A Rivers Light in a Barren Tunnel… Elegies in Effigy” at bookstores everywhere, or online at the Apple iBooks Store, Amazon, or Barnes & Noble.


For additional information or media inquiries, contact Newman Springs Publishing at 732-243-8512.


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