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Author Russell L. Greer’s new book ‘Poor Man’s Fight’ is the harrowing story

Recent release "Poor Man's Fight: The Odyssey of a World War II Bomber Crew" from Newman Springs Publishing author Russell L. Greer is a gripping story that follows a B-17 bomber

Russell L. Greer, a former USAF bomber pilot who holds a master’s degree in history, has completed his latest novel “Poor Man’s Fight: The Odyssey of a World War II Bomber Crew”: a harrowing tale of a captured U.S. Army Air Force bomber crew and decisions they must make in captivity regarding escape or remaining in Switzerland. 


Published by Newman Springs Publishing, Russell L. Greer’s incredible narrative places readers in the very heart of Europe during WWII where, despite its neutral stance, Switzerland seizes downed U.S. and Allied aircrews and holds them for the duration of the war.  USAAF Major Marvin Zander and his crew quickly realize their health is declining due to the privations they suffer. Character-driven and suspenseful, Greer details the struggles common to the 1,600 American internees in Switzerland and their relations with their captors. Major Zander must decide if he and his men will acquiesce to their conditions of internment or risk draconian punishments, about which they were warned, if caught escaping with the assistance of the shadowy organization, MIS-X. 


Character-driven and full of suspense, Greer’s novel shows the struggles of war that not many experience, and even fewer survive. As tensions rise amongst the men and their captors, USAAF Major Marvin Zander must make the call if he and his men will play nice with their Swiss imprisoners, or risk severe punishment if caught escaping.


Readers who wish to experience this gripping work can purchase “Poor Man’s Fight: The Odyssey of a World War II Bomber Crew” at bookstores everywhere, or online at the Apple iBooks Store, Amazon, or Barnes & Noble.


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