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Author Paull L. Goodchild Releases ‘Xmas (and other) Stories’, Atypical Festive Fiction

Author Paull L. Goodchild rolled out a short story collection entitled Xmas (and other) Stories. As a devout atheist, he approaches the subject with enthusiastic ambivalence, gleefully pushing the boundaries of storytelling.

Five of the tales are set in an enchanted Christmas Village at the North Pole, and relate the adventures of an affable elf named Tinkle. They are sequential but self-contained comic romps that are not intended for children yet neither are they particularly profane. Over the course of the stories, Tinkle is involved in a work action against Santa, community theater, and thwarting the diabolical machinations of a malevolent elf named Gurgle. Cute, but with a bit of an edge.

The other four stories are more or less connected through a quaint fictional New England town called Cold Brook. These stories are even more divergent, ranging from a Wodehouse-inspired comedy of modern manners to a science fiction tale of A.I. spirituality, a captain’s duty, and interdependence.

The book is published through Kindle Direct Publishing, available on Amazon worldwide in paperback or in a Kindle edition.

About Paull L. Goodchild: Paull L. Goodchild is an author and winemaker who lives paradise adjacent in Westport, Massachusetts. In addition to making wine, he has also brewed and distilled, winning him the trifecta of adult beverage production. He is the lyricist for the doom metal band, Retro Grave, who are currently working on their third album, Skullduggery, a Faustian rock opera. The book for that rock opera and one of the songs, “Kinder Gentler Satan,” appear in his debut novel, The Case of the India Pale Ale, a noir satire.


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