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Author Jacqueline Jeannette Pfister’s New Audiobook ‘David & Goliath’ is a Creative Adaptation

New audiobook release "David & Goliath" from Audiobook Network headlines published author Jacqueline Jeannette Pfister presents an exciting visit into the life and times

Audiobook Network presents “David & Goliath” by author Jacqueline Jeannette Pfister. The spotlight is on this crowd-pleasing story of Christian faith at its finest – an entertaining story classic, full of fun for the whole family. The adventure is based on the biblical record of David found in I Samuel 16-17. Join the excitement and witness David’s most famous battle against Goliath, a champion warrior. The front-row entertainment is sure to please and witness the miraculous victory when God is called to battle.


Author Jacqueline Pfister provides story insights about “David & Goliath” and shares, “What was it like being a shepherd in 1200 BCE? Discover for yourself and journey to the battlefield with David in this timeless Christian classic.  Meet David, a boastful haphazard teen with style, and his wayward friend, a troublesome sheep with attitude. At least David’s four-legged friend knows to stay away from battlefields and giants. Why would a boy want to fight a ruthless giant? Why did an army of men just watch? The answers await your discovery. Join the adventure and witness the day David called God to battle, and ‘…with God all things are possible.’ Matthew 19:26.”


Inspired to write the story of “David & Goliath” author Jacqueline Jeannette Pfister shares, “One night in February, washed clean by tears of surrender, I’d reached the end of myself. A battle against opposition that was bigger and stronger than me. Reading about David in I Samuel 16-17, I became aware of similarities between my personal struggles and David’s. As David relied on God in his battle, I called on God for help with mine. The road to victory was a journey of faith with miraculous outcomes. I recognized God’s power in my weakness, and it inspired me to share the story of David. God will help you too. Call God, when you face a battle, the rescue as relevant today as in the biblical time of David.”  


Published by Audiobook Network, author Jacqueline Jeannette Pfister’s new audiobook brings David to life in this powerful portrayal of the famous battle; a life-changing, hero-making event of extraordinary witness to God’s mighty power.


Listeners can purchase the audiobook edition of “David & Goliath” by Jacqueline Jeannette Pfister through Audible, the Apple iTunes Store, or Amazon. 


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