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Author George Karp’s ‘THREATS: A Humorous Commentary on the Dangers

Here's a Toast to the Old Guys: Football Great Tom Brady, 44, Los Angeles Laker Legend Lebron James, 37, and 82-Year-Old Author George Karp Are Each Having All-Star Seasons

Author George Karp has released his second book, “THREATS: A Humorous Commentary on the Dangers That Faced 20th Century America,” now available on Amazon. This unique well-researched history book is informative, educational and infused with humor. The many wars that involved the United States — World War I and World War 2, Korea and Vietnam — are all analyzed. The Great Depression, the Cold War, and terrorism, both domestic and international, are among the many threats that are explored.


Karp says the front cover of his book has the American flag flying upside down because the American flag can only be displayed upside down as “a signal of dire distress in instances of extreme danger to life or property.” 20th Century America was inundated with dire distress and extreme dangers. Besides the important historical data, decade by decade, the book uses quotes, important and unimportant news, and trivia of the 20th century. 


What was the Zimmerman Telegram? When was the last Strobogrammatic year? Who was the American Vice President who wrote the music for a 1958 #1 pop hit? Anyone who reads the book will learn all the answers to these important questions.

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