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As Inflation Roars Back to the Highest Levels in 40 Years, Red Rock Capital’s Commodities Program Finishes +40.54% During 2021

During a year when investors faced the highest inflation readings in 40 years, Red Rock Capital’s Commodity Long-Short investment program proved its value by producing over 40% net returns for the year for its investors. Since its inception in September 2013, the diversified commodity program has delivered 10.51% annualized to its investors, net of all fees, as compared to the -7.6% annualized returns produced by the venerable S&P Goldman Sachs Commodities Index (“S&P GSCI”, data source:

Chief Investment Officer of Red Rock Capital, Thomas Rollinger, specifically designed the Commodity Long-Short strategy to capture intermittent and sustained price trends (momentum) in raw material commodity futures such as corn, wheat, cotton, gold, silver, and crude oil.

“Data from Bloomberg and Standard and Poor’s show that commodities are arguably the cheapest in history right now relative to financial assets such as the U.S. stock market,” Rollinger said. “With inflation heating up, and after an impressive year for even naïve (long-only) commodity indexes, investors should be on the lookout for a potential new bull market in commodities getting underway…”
Mr. Rollinger was honored to have honed his research, trading, and critical-thinking skills under the “godfather” of quantitative investing, Edward O. Thorp (hedge fund pioneer and legend + father of blackjack card-counting).

Red Rock Capital manages approximately $13 million for qualified investors. While the Commodity Long-Short Program clearly shined during 2021, their other offering, called the Systematic Global Macro Program, produced an impressive +10.79% net returns for the year, and has produced +7.72% annualized net-of-all-fees returns to investors over its 18+ year track record.ABOUT RED ROCK CAPITAL — Red Rock Capital is a multi-award-winning Commodity Trading Advisor (CTA) with approximately $13 million in assets under management.

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