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Ananda Professional is Opening Enrollment to Participate in an IRB-Approved

This study was created to help women Find Relief from Endometriosis and Exclusion (FREE HER). Its purpose is to help us learn how medications and other substances can reduce complaints of pelvic pain and related issues.

 Ananda Professional has committed $40 million to advance the clinical evidence of hemp extract through clinical research.  As part of this commitment, Ananda Professional is opening enrollment to their FREE HER Study (Finding Relief from Endometriosis and Exclusion: Hemp Extract Research).  


Ananda created this study to help women gain relief from endometriosis and exclusion. The purpose is to learn how medications and other substances can reduce complaints of pelvic pain and related symptoms. In honor of March being Endometriosis Awareness Month, we are opening enrollment to anyone that meets inclusion/exclusion criteria. Please visit here for full details.


How can CBD help? Everyone has an Endocannabinoid System (ECS), an internal network that helps our bodies’ self-regulating processes, also known as homeostasis. The ECS regulates physiological functions – inflammation, mood, sleep, coordination, and much more. Cannabinoid receptors are abundant in female reproductive organs and play a vital role in maintaining women’s health. CBD may help the body to soothe aches and pains while improving mood, mobility, and quality of life. 


Interested in participating or learning more about how Ananda Professional is leveraging Hemp Extract to develop natural health and wellness solutions? Click here for more information. 



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Chris Lee

Sr. Marketing Director, Ecofibre Ltd.


Ecofibre is the leading diversified hemp company worldwide. The company owns or controls critical parts of the value chain in each business, from breeding, growing, and production to sales and marketing. Their value proposition to customers is premium quality products from vertically integrated, sustainable, and forward-thinking brands. In the United States, Ananda Professional is the leading pharmacy label for hemp-derived CBD. In addition, Ecofibre produces the highest-quality nutraceutical products for human and pet consumption and topical creams and salves. 

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