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All Blue Capital Announces New Global Headquarters in Dubai International

Move supports group's multi-year strategic growth initiative and other significant developments at All Blue Capital, such as the launch of its North Star 1 Fund

All Blue Capital (“AB”) today announced the relocation of its corporate headquarters from London, United Kingdom, to the Dubai International Financial Centre (“DIFC”), Dubai, UAE, effective 2 March 2022, expanding upon its already deep presence in the UAE. The relocation is happening concurrently with a raft of other significant developments for AB, including the launch of AB’s North Star 1 fund, its BVI licenced asset manager and a suite of new hedge fund products.


“We’re excited to strengthen our presence in the UAE and make DIFC, one of the leading financial zones, our official global headquarters,” said Matt Novak, Managing Partner, All Blue Capital. “Dubai is one of the most exciting and ambitious jurisdictions on the planet, the recent Expo being just one example of the great international events held there. What’s more, it’s shown great strength and resilience as a financial centre during the COVID pandemic, with a proportionate policy response that balanced safety with the needs of international businesses to continue to operate. Making this move will ensure business continuity in challenging times while providing an exceptional working and living environment for our officers and employees. We’ll also enjoy improved efficiency, an accommodating time-zone between the Americas and Asia and better cost-competitiveness.”


Following the relocation of its headquarters, AB will continue to have a strong presence in the United Kingdom. It also maintains representative offices in Singapore, Hong Kong, Bermuda, Cayman Islands and the British Virgin Islands.


Move Supports Multi-Year Strategic Growth Initiative


“As part of our strategic growth initiative and in consultation with senior management and staff, we’ve thought hard about where we should base our global HQ. The COVID pandemic really affected international travel and people’s global mobility, so choosing the right business hub became a top priority. Dubai has proved itself time and time again for good sense policymaking and its understanding of the needs of businesses for openness, appropriate regulation and legal certainty,” said Lewis Edwards, Vice President. “Bringing our HQ to Dubai will protect our business by ensuring optimal business continuity both in good times and in bad. It will also provide a perfect platform to complement our investment activity from geographies as far afield as Asia and the Americas. In the long run, this will improve operating profit growth for the organization.”


About All Blue


AB is a global investment firm that focusses on multiple investment themes, including private equity, real estate, special situations and blockchain. Leveraging the strength of the team’s global presence and through its strategic network of hedge fund partners, AB is able to take advantage of differentiated investment opportunities across asset classes, industries and geographies. AB’s focus on its core values of entrepreneurialism, innovation, and institutionalization has led to a history of delivering excellent risk-adjusted returns.

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