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A Trip to Mount Huangshan, Anhui Province, China, a Trip to Refresh Yourself

Located in Mid-East region of China, Anhui Province is the hinterland of world sixth largest urban agglomeration – Yangtze River Delta urban agglomeration. Mount Huangshan, a famous mountain in Anhui, is highly recommended to everyone. As one of the four important name cards of Beautiful China together with the Yellow River, the Yangtze River and the Great Wall, Mount Huangshan has been designated with three titles of the World Natural and Cultural Heritage, the World Geopark and the World Biosphere Reserve, highlighted with five uniques including wondrous pines, strange rocks, sea of clouds, hot springs and winter snow.

“seen horizontally, mountain ridges presented vertically, mountain peaks come into sight far or near, different heights appear in eyes”

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Wondrous Pines

Guarding Mount Huangshan like elves day and night, these Wondrous Pines grow in various forms rooted from the stones. Being famously, the Greeting Pine is too wonderful for words to describe as it integrates with the beautiful scenery of peaks and stones.

Strange Rocks

On Mount Huangshan, almost every peak has many strange rocks in different forms resembling like birds, animals and various figures, and even appearing like different scenery from various viewing angles. An ancient verse described it as “seen horizontally, mountain ridges presented vertically, mountain peaks come into sight far or near, different heights appear in eyes”.

Sea of Clouds

With clouds and mist forming various images between peaks and valleys all year round, being so much spectacular especially after the rain, sunrise or sunset accompanied by light, the sea of clouds is coming and going in a hurry, sometimes calm, sometimes choppy with a little mysterious feeling, might be encountered but not sought for.

Hot Springs

There are 15 famous hot springs in Mount Huangshan and the most famous one is Huangshan Hot Spring where it is said that Emperor Huangdi bathed, rejuvenated and being immortal, and therefore called “Divine Spring”. The average temperature of the main hot spring is 42.5 ℃ and the water mainly contains bicarbonate acid without sulfur, suitable for drinking and bathing.

Winter Snow

The winter snow in Mountain Huangshan makes it a spectacular fairyland when thousands of pine trees becoming “snow pines”. With the continuous discovery and recognition of this beautiful winter scenery, the winter snow is now called the “fifth unique” of Mount Huangshan.

Welcome Korean friends to experience the “Five Uniques” trip in Mount Huangshan


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