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Meta: This article will provide a thorough review of AI Writer, a content generator. You’ll find information on pricing, who it’s best for, and its best features.

With AI Writer, you get web-optimized content that’ll help generate organic traffic to your site. You’ll also get tools that fine-tune previously written work, allowing you to provide only the highest-quality content to your site visitors.

If AI Writer sounds like something you need, keep reading. This article outlines every aspect of AI Writer and why you should consider this invaluable content tool.

Have you ever struggled to come up with content for your blog? Perhaps you knew what you wanted to write about but simply couldn’t figure out where to start? When it comes to writing articles, writer’s block is a common frustration.

AI Writer is a content generator designed precisely for users like you. It takes the guesswork out of multiple types of content creation. Instead of spending hours poring over outlines, AI Writer gives you the outline or content you need to draw users to your website.

AI Writer is easy to use, no matter your level of expertise. All you have to do is submit one or two pieces of information, and the tool will generate content for you.

If you want an outline, you can enter a title into AI Writer, which will generate an outline for you. Or, if you prefer to reuse existing content, it’ll reword pieces you’ve already written.

Whichever option you choose, AI Writer will provide optimized content primed for the web.

Market Segment: blog and content writers

Best For: high-output bloggers

Plans & Pricing: 

Basic Plan $29/month

Standard Plan $59/month

Power Plan $364/month

A good AI content generator will have multiple notable features, and AI Writer has just that. Here’s a quick glimpse at some of AI Writer’s best features and the things that draw bloggers and writers toward it.

One of the best things about AI Writer is its speed. AI Writer can research and write an entire article draft in under two minutes using just a headline. Then, all you have to do is edit the piece and run it through a plagiarism checker. In total, you could have an article researched, written, edited, and published in thirty minutes.

When AI Writer researches your content, it’ll generate a list of citations for you. You can verify each citation to ensure it’s accurate. It also gives you a concrete source list to reference if you need to dig deeper into a topic.

If you’re rebranding your site or want to freshen up an old piece, AI Writer’s text rewording can help. You can upload your work, and AI Writer will rewrite it for you with SEO-perfect content.

Although the purpose of AI Writer is to create content for you, that’s not the only option. You can also create content yourself using the SEO Text Editor. This tool provides perfectly optimized content for your site.

AI Writer offers a subtopic locator to help you figure out what to write next. The program will look at what other creators have written about and use that content to generate new topics for you.

One of the best things about AI Writer is that you don’t need much expertise to use it. A computer, a topic, and minor technical skills are all you need to start generating quality content.

AI Writer’s Basic Plan is $29 per month. It’s perfect for individual bloggers and startups with just a few blogs. You can generate up to 40 articles each month with the Basic Plan.

The Standard Plan is geared toward freelance writers who generate large quantities of content each month. For $59, you can create up to 150 articles each month.

AI Writer’s Power Plan costs $375 per month. This plan is ideal for individual bloggers or groups who publish an average of thirty articles daily.

AI Writer’s Power Plan is the equivalent of an enterprise plan. You’ll be able to produce approximately 33 articles per day with the Power Plan.

Content creation costs can put a significant dent in your budget if you’re not careful. Here’s some information on how to save a little cash with AI Writer.

Unfortunately, AI Writer doesn’t regularly offer coupon codes. However, keep an eye out around Black Friday, as that’s when many companies offer deals.

AI Writer offers a lifetime discount to anyone who pays for a yearly subscription. You”ll save two months off the total when you choose yearly over monthly.

AI Writer is one of many AI content creation tools available. Its three biggest competitors are MarketMuse, Jasper, and

AI Writer has a wide selection of tools that allow it to stand out from its competitors. For example, you’ll be able to generate content in under two minutes, enabling you to publish your content sooner.

In addition, recycling old content keeps prior hard work from going to waste. So, if you previously spent hours on a blog post that got no traction, AI Writer can help you polish it up for republication.

AI Writer’s pricing plans are also fair compared to competitors. It has ideal options for individuals, small businesses, and more prominent content creators.

AI Writer is the perfect tool for bloggers and website managers who want to consistently create high-quality content for users. Since outlining, drafting, writing, and editing articles can take hours, if not days, using a tool like AI Writer will cut your time down significantly.

When bloggers, advertisers, or other web content creators need to create copy for their sites, it’s essential to make that copy perfectly optimized for the web. Not only that, but you also need to generate content quickly to stay in front of your competitors.

AI Writer is a reliable tool for beginners because it’s so user-friendly. The company has multiple tutorials on the website to help guide you if you’re unsure how to use a tool. Since using AI Writer is just a matter of submitting a headline or content, you’ll be able to get started in just a few minutes.

The two features users love most about AI Writer are the research capabilities and its time efficiency.

Research often takes far more time than writing an article. Since AI Writer does the research for you, you can easily save hours. In addition, AI Writer provides a list of references so you can easily fact-check anything you’re unsure about.

Perhaps the most-loved feature is AI Writer’s ability to create an entire article in under two minutes. In a short span of time, the tool crawls the web, finds the best keywords and topics, and generates an article.

One of the most frustrating aspects of AI Writer is that it often returns high plagiarism warnings. The easiest way to avoid this is to either use AI Writer to create outlines or reword the generated content.

Another frustrating feature is longer articles might start to seem a bit robotic. However, this seems to only be an issue with long articles. Since you should always read through and edit content before publication, you can quickly smooth out rough-sounding sentences.

If you’re new to AI writing, you’re probably wondering if it’s as good as many AI companies claim. Here are the answers to a couple common questions about AI writing.

AI writing quality depends on the tool you choose to purchase. Some tools scrape content from other areas of the web and spin it. In contrast, others generate articles and web copy that are clean and original. Your best bet is to try out a few that offer free trials to find which tool works best for your purposes.

Running a blog or other website with large amounts of content can become overwhelming, especially if you have multiple sites. Content generators like AI Writer are excellent options for bloggers and writers who want to monetize their blogs. AI Writer provides the tools to create whole articles, repurpose old content, and help jolt you out of writer’s block.

Have you used AI Writer? Leave your review in the comment section to help readers learn more about this valuable writing tool.


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