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77 Copywriting Statistics: Data to Crush Your Competitors (2022)

Where can you find copywriting statistics to direct your marketing strategies?

Look no further, my friend.

We’ve gathered the latest data reflecting how online copy is consumed. And, regardless of your marketing budget, you’ll gain plenty of insights to boost your upcoming campaigns.

Not only that, but as a copywriter and marketer, you’ll discover where you need to make tweaks to your copy that will best benefit your business.

Ready to learn what’s currently driving conversions and what’s turning consumers off?

Let’s dive right in!

Let’s dive into the data!

Internet users favor good copy that’s scannable, personalized, and upholds its headline promises.

Current copywriting statistics reflect this trend:

Of all the monthly listening audience:


Proofreading your copy is crucial.

The quality of your page layout and responsive design will either showcase or stifle your brand image. Here’s where your business makes its first impression.

Using SEO copywriting tactics to create your copy helps to increase your web visibility.

Tiny tweaks to prompts or CTAs in your copy can greatly impact conversion rates. The following businesses saw big conversion increases after making small changes:

A/B testing any changes you make to your copy helps pinpoint which variables are helping or hurting your cause.

Stats show:

You have the data.

Now it’s time to leverage that knowledge to plan and improve your marketing.

Use these insights to update current campaigns, create strategies for future ones, and boost your copywriting results.

Take an honest look at your copy. Identify any tweaks you can make and run some A/B tests.

Before you know it, you’ll be conquering the industry and showing your competitors who’s boss!

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