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7 Ways Your Small Business Can Thrive During A Pandemic

The COVID-19 pandemic has impacted many things, including businesses, with small businesses being one of the most closely affected. Since these micro establishments are most vulnerable to shutting down or losing most if not all of their customers to their bigger counterparts, there’s the need to come up with strategies and methods to keep such businesses afloat during the pandemic. Here are some practices that can be adopted by such businesses to thrive during a pandemic era and beyond.

The pandemic has brought about drastic changes in the behavior and needs of most customers across the globe. The new social distancing protocols, working from home, and more sanitary practices mean that the average customer’s lifestyle has been altered, and their basic needs have equally been changed. Understanding the consumers current needs and lifestyle will help the business develop a new model that best serves their needs most effectively. Developing structured or semi-structured phone surveys can help determine their preferences to help provide goods and services specifically tailored to their needs.

Retaining customers when there’s so much uproar in the marketplace is difficult. Traditional interactions and ways of staying in touch with clients have been affected due to the pandemic. This may test your business’ personal means of relating with your clients as we witness an increase in the merchandising of goods and services, and online purchases grow even more rapidly. Using social media and email marketing to interact with consumers cannot be over-emphasized and is especially essential in these times. The use of social media to actively engage your customers and know what their interests and preferences are (social listening) can help channel goods and services that are beneficial to their needs during these trying times and make it possible for your business to better thrive during a pandemic.

It’s worthy to note that customers are more particular about the hygienic conditions of what they consume, the availability of essential commodities, and observation of safety protocols in businesses premises. Honest communications about the hygienic conditions under which products are packaged, staff and customers’ safety assurance, and availability of goods and services, are essential to the survival of small businesses in this era. Your customers will now be aware and at ease to trade with you and even go ahead to recommend your business to others. This is crucial if you want to thrive during a pandemic.

You can equally provide information on products and services, your mode of delivery for the products, payment options available if there are any changes made to previous operation schedules, and your operating hours.

Many businesses can adapt to the current demands of the economic marketplace due to the flexibility in their strategy and working conditions. Businesses such as restaurants and grocery stores have provided options such as free pick-ups, home delivery services, drive-throughs, and online shopping. Shifts and other flexible work arrangements at the workplace will prevent overcrowding at the business premises and ensure employee and customer safety.

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