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5 apps to edit photos right in your browser

Photoshop on the web is now available in beta form for Creative Cloud users, which means you’ll need a subscription starting at $10 a month to access the platform. The online version of Photoshop syncs seamlessly with Adobe’s cloud storage locker, so you’ll be able to work on your files from just about anywhere with an internet connection.

The platform supports layers so you can work on complex PSD files, and you’ll find some useful and classic tools, including crop, select, spot healing, fill, text, and eraser. But don’t get your expectations too high, as this isn’t the fully-fledged version of Photoshop. There are lots of missing functionalities: for example, you won’t be able to manipulate brightness and contrast, and there are only two filters available.

Even with its limitations, this is still a very handy online photo editor, and one of its biggest strengths is the support for collaborating on images with a team. Photoshop for the web allows multiple users to leave comments and see who has edited what, so it’s ideal if you’re working on images with other people and need changes to be approved or monitored.

Pixlr has long been giving Photoshop fans a similar experience in a web browser. They’ve put out Pixlr X, which is a streamlined, basic graphic design tool for those who don’t want to dive too deep into edits, but here we’re going to focus on Pixlr E. You can use this app for free, or pay $5 a month to get rid of the ads and access a bigger selection of tools, including a select function that uses artificial intelligence, stickers, and overlays for your projects.

When you open up the Pixlr E interface, you’ll realize it looks very familiar to Photoshop, right down to the Image, Select, and Layer menus at the top. You get a wealth of features and tools to play around with, including heal, dodge, burn, blur, and clone tools, bokeh and liquify effects, gradient fills, and plenty of quick selection tools (including the always useful lasso tool).Canva is better known as a graphic design app you would use to make posters rather than touch up your vacation snaps, but it also comes with a generous selection of photo editing tools. You get a host of features for free, but a $13 per month subscription will get you a lot more templates and stock images, and a few additional tools, like a one-click background remover.

You can very easily adjust an image’s brightness, contrast, and color, and if you want to take a shortcut, Canva also comes with a range of Instagram-like filters that will change the look of your photos with just one click. The app also lets you add text overlays to your projects, as well as a wide variety of stickers and shapes.

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