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17 Best YouTube Alternatives for Content Creators & Consumers

The demand for viable YouTube alternatives is growing — mainly because of where the video streaming giant falls short.

For example:

Let’s not bury the lede here: YouTube isn’t the only show in town.

In fact, a growing number of curious content creators and consumers are already experimenting with other platforms. And in this post, we’ll introduce you to 17 YouTube alternatives and dissect the pros and cons of each.

As a creator, you may find a better platform to build your following and make mad bank. And as a consumer, you may find a more enjoyable place to kick back and watch top-notch video content.

Let’s go.

Originally, Twitch was a platform for gamers to broadcast their playthroughs. And while gaming is still the dominant niche on the site, you’ll also find musicians, artists, and other creators who stream on Twitch.

Videos on this platform are up to 90 seconds long and have middling quality (compared to other media on this list). That said, Videoshub does guarantee you won’t find any duplicates.

D.Tube also prioritizes free speech (rejecting YouTube’s AI-based censorship) and user data privacy.

While the interface is different, there’s enough overlap in the audience and the content to give Facebook Watch an edge as an alternative.

Currently hosting over 3,000 talks, TED covers topics ranging from business and technology to design, personal health, and global issues.

Utreon’s strict privacy policy means they don’t sell your data under any circumstances. And you have the option of monetizing your content with direct subscriptions.

You can also earn cryptocurrency through LBRY Credit just by using the platform.

Content categorization makes it easy for you to find the content you want.

PeerTube’s video platform focuses on peer-to-peer interaction. Each user and their content form an “instance,” which can connect and interact with each other.

The maximum video length is 140 seconds with a complete resolution of 1200p.

Will any video hosting sites on our list mop the floor with YouTube? Not any time soon — and that’s the truth! But that doesn’t mean there aren’t advantages.

For example, some of the YouTube alternatives we’ve looked at are more secure and less ad-heavy. And some are more content creator-friendly, while others focus on maximizing viewer satisfaction.

So which of these 17 YouTube alternatives will you test drive? Why or why not? Better yet — did we miss any?

Let us know what platforms you love and loathe, and fill us in on the really cool ones we may have missed!

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