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Which Of These Mistakes Should You Avoid When Organising Your Event?

Which Of These Mistakes Should You Avoid When Organising Your Event?

Even the most well-planned and well-funded event can go wrong. Attendance may be poor, and you may not be able to collect enough funds to cover your costs. Alternatively, perhaps you have more people than the space (or digital bandwidth) allows.

Common Event Planning Mistakes to Avoid

The majority of event failures are caused by common blunders like these. The good news is that they’re simple to avoid. Look the list of faults that people generally make while executing their event promotion ideas.

Prior to the Event

The most serious issues arise when you do not provide adequate time for preparing prior to the event. The event appears to be approaching quickly, and you and your staff are frantically trying to tie up loose ends. Here are some common concerns that arise prior to any local event promotion.

  1. You didn’t make a schedule

Before your event, there are a million things to take care of, including ticket sales, technological setup, negotiating with event space if your event is in person, and promotion. Even if you make a big list of must-dos, figuring out what needs to happen when becomes challenging.

Making a one-year plan in which you organise chores by month is a superior system. Seeing what needs to be done this month at a glance will help you keep organised and allow you plenty of time for items that may take longer, such as designing and printing advertising materials.

  1. You didn’t advertise early-bird discounts

If you waited until the last minute to see if anyone would show up for your latest promotional marketing event, you’re making an expensive error by not taking advantage of early-bird ticket sales.

Offering a discount to customers who purchase tickets in advance (even generating levels of discounts depending on how far away the event is) is a great technique for Event Marketing . If you don’t do so, there won’t be any sense of urgency to encourage consumers to buy… Then you have to wait until weeks (or even days) before creating a strategy to sell more tickets, and you won’t have to worry about seats being filled.

  1. You didn’t give your attendees the opportunity to help you market your event

You may be relieved that the event is almost done after all of your preparations. However, if you want to hold another event in the future, consider bigger. You’re losing out on a simple way to sell yourself…with very little effort.

Make sure your event has a hashtag, and encourage participants to utilise it on social media on all pre-marketing materials and on the day-of presentations. Have someone keep an eye on the hashtag and event mentions to help spread the word and foster friendship among attendees.

  1. You Didn’t Advertise Your Upcoming Event

You didn’t realise you hadn’t announced the following event until after the last one. Duh! You squandered a golden opportunity to secure ticket sales for your next event while attendees are still anticipating the one they’re attending.

Make announcements on what’s coming up at the next one during the event. Make an irresistible offer to event goers on the day of the event so they may buy their tickets on the spot.

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